Saturday, July 1, 2017

One True Loves

One True Loves
By Taylor Jenkins Reid
Washington Square Press, 2016. 331 pgs. Fiction

Emma and Jesse met and fell in love during high school. Both of them longed for the day when they could leave their hometown and travel the world. After college they do just that and also embark on the adventure of marriage. Just days before their first anniversary, Jesse goes on a work trip to Alaska. He is ecstatic to photograph glaciers, however the helicopter he's riding in goes down and he is presumed dead.

Emma's world is rocked by the death of her husband. She grieves deeply and soon decides that she doesn't want to continue living in California, but that she wants to go home to Massachusetts. Although as a high schooler she couldn't wait to escape her family owned bookstore, after Jesse's loss she begins to really enjoy the comfort of the store. A few years after Jesse's death, she runs into Sam. Sam worked with Emma at the bookstore in high school and while they were friends, they haven't been in contact for years. They slowly fall in love and have become engaged when one day Emma receives a phone call from Jesse. He hasn't died at all, but has spent several years on an island trying to find his way back home. Now Emma has to choose who she wants to be with, her husband and or her fiance.

I inhaled this book! I listened to it over the course of three days and was totally captivated by the story. Jesse and Sam are both really good guys and I was intrigued to see how and who Emma would choose. If you are looking for a light yet thought provoking read, I recommend you try this book!


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Breanne said...

This book has a really interesting premise, and it takes the time to work through all the emotional impact of the story events. I listened to the audiobook and the reader did a fantastic job, although her tone was very logical and calm despite the events of the book being very dramatic. I came away from this feeling like it had been a bit vanilla, although I appreciated that the author paid careful attention to nuance and concludes with some moving observations about the nature of love.