Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Murder in Time

A Murder in Time
By Julie McElwain
Pegasus Books, 2016. 498 pages. Mystery

Kendra Donovan is one of the most promising young agents at the FBI.  When an important FBI raid is compromised by a double agent and half of her team is murdered, Kendra has payback on her mind.  She travels to England to assassinate the man responsible, but an unexpected gunman drives Kendra into a stairwell in Aldrich Castle.  When she comes out again she is in the same place, but a different time: 1815.  While she tries to figure out how to get home, Kendra poses as a lady's maid and is hired to help with a summer house party.  But when a body is discovered on the grounds of the castle, Kendra starts to feel there was a purpose to her incredible journey.  Despite the lack of 21st century technology, Kendra relies on her training and wits to help resolve the girl's death and stop a murderer.

If you're a fan of the Regency era in England, chances are you've read your share of Austen fan fiction, Regency time travel fiction - both forwards and backwards, as well as a generous helping of historical romances set in the period.  And by now you've come to realize that while most of these novels aren't going to win any Pulizers, they are fun, escapist fantasies, and if that's your thing - as it is mine - then I can recommend this book to you.  I think there are some valid criticisms you can make about this book, but ultimately this is a decent whodunnit and the added interest of experiencing the time period with Kendra and watching others experience her logical, deductive reasoning makes it a fun read.  There is some language and suggestive content.


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