Monday, July 10, 2017

A Fine Gentleman

A Fine Gentleman
By Sarah M. Eden
Covenant Communications, 2017. 238 pgs. Historical Fiction, Romance

Jason Jonquil is a London barrister who has spent his entire life being respectable and serious. His ordered world turns upside down when Mariposa Thornton walks into his office. She is a Spanish beauty that knows how to push him to the end of his patience. He agrees to take her case only because he wants to get rid of her faster, but what he thought was a simple inheritance question turns into a much more complicated matter. Mariposa appears to not have a care in the world, but she has endured unimaginable heartbreak in her short life and is determined not to show any weakness.

Sarah Eden is one of my favorite authors. I loved getting to read about another Jonquil brother. The great thing about the Jonquil books is that each one can stand alone but that the characters interact and overlap. Mariposa was a little much for me at the beginning. I didn't understand why she had to be so rude but as the story unfolded, I came to understand her motivations. I also loved watching how Jason's interactions with Mariposa and his family changed throughout the book. This is another great Regency romance.


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