Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts (Royal Spyness #8)
by Rhys Bowen
Berkley Hardcover, 2014. 295 pages. Mystery.

When Lady Georgiana's mother decides to run across the pond to Reno, NV for a "quickie" divorce, Georgie is happy to go with to keep her company. Things start to look even better when she meets up with her boyfriend, Darcy, on the boat as he keeps a look out for a particularly elusive jewel thief. But when Georgie's mother is lured off to Hollywood by a slick-talking movie producer, will Georgie find herself investigating murder on the big screen?

Bowen has created some delightful characters in her Royal Spyness series and this latest volume is a good deal of fun. It is especially interesting to see her take on America and Hollywood in the 1930s.


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