Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lady Emma's Campaign

Lady Emma's Campaign
by Jennifer Moore
Covenant Communications, 2014. 212 pages. Romance.

In a sequel to Becoming Lady Lockwood, William and Amelia Drake are horrified to learn that their good friend, Sidney Fletcher, has been killed in action in Spain. Their horror becomes even deeper when members of his crew come to tell them that Captain Fletcher was not killed, as reported, but is being hidden in a Spanish fortress by the French, unbeknownst to the authorities. William immediately sets sail for Spain. Little does he know his younger sister, Emma, has stowed away, desperate to save the man she loves from a terrible fate. Will Emma be able to find Sidney and bring him to safety at last?

This was another entertaining read from Moore, with plenty of action to keep the pace going. While some of the plot was a little unrealistic, the author does paint a very realistic portrait of the horrors of war and the desperate situation the Spanish were in at the hands of the French. With this as a backdrop, she was able to reach emotional depths she was unable to probe in her first novel. This was a fun and satisfying read.


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