Friday, March 6, 2015

Hung Up

Hung Up
by Kristen Tracy
Simon Pulse, 2014. 282 pages. Young adult fiction.

Have you ever called a wrong number and just started a conversation? That is exactly what happens to Lucy and James, who from a series of wrong number phone calls start to form a friendship. James keeps wanting to meet in person, but Lucy has a secret that makes her hesitate. Can she trust James enough to share the things she keeps from everyone?

Tracy takes an interesting premise in this book and creates some fun characters. I enjoyed seeing James and Lucy interact (and wished I were half as witty in person). Told entirely in the form of phone calls and voicemail messages, the book reads quickly. The only real quibble I had with it was that the read was so fast I often had a hard time believing the depth of their friendship because it was hard to track the passing of time. Other than that, it was a fun read.


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