Tuesday, March 24, 2015


by Kristi Cook
Simon Pulse, 2014. 306 pages. Young adult fiction.

Jemma and Ryder have known each other all their lives. Their great-granddaddies saved each other during the Civil War. Their mothers have been best friends since college (at least). Their houses are seven minutes apart and Sunday dinners are always a joint affair. But Jemma and Ryder have never been able to get along, in spite of their mothers' life-long dream to unite the two houses through their marriage. Will it take a hurricane traveling up the Mississippi coast to bring these two together?

This was an interesting reversal of a Romeo and Juliet theme and the Mississippi scenery was beautiful. Cook's description of the realities of living through a hurricane and the resulting aftermath was really intense and thoughtfully done. However, at times, the characters' rigid determination to never do something their mothers would approve of (like fall in love with each other...even though they are) just became more grating as the book went on. It was a cute read, but very forgettable.


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