Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Scared Scriptless

Scared Scriptless
By Alison Sweeney
Hyperion, 2014. 309 pages. Fiction.

A script supervisor on the hit show The Wrong Doctor, Maddy is focused on the details. And when her maybe-boyfriend (who is also her boss) enlists her to help him pitch a new reality show featuring her hometown in the mountains in California, Maddy begins to have visions of moving up into the executive producer chair. Life is good - that is, until Maddy starts to suspect that Craig has ulterior motives in pitching the show. Now Maddy has to try to keep Craig from producing a show that will cast her family in a bad light. And what will she do about Adam - the handsome new cast member who is determined to make her break her hard-and-fast rule to never date actors?

Sweeney presents a fun book about the Hollywood lifestyle with entertaining characters and an interesting plot. The narrative does sometimes get a little bogged down with the intricate details of the daily workings of producing a television show (Sweeney has acted in numerous shows herself), but after the first 50 pages or so the pace of the plot begins to pick up. The only thing that really bothered me, strangely enough, was the font used in the printing of the book, which I found very unreadable. I know that they were trying to simulate television script booklet, but I would have preferred something a little easier on the eye (literally). Other than that, it was a nice light read. Does have some language and innuendo.


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