Monday, October 27, 2014

In a Handful of Dust

In a Handful of Dust
By Mindy McGinnis
Katherine Tegen Books, 2014. 384 pgs. Young adult.

Lucy has lived by a large, available body of water which is a luxury by a lot of people's standards. She has friends and family and the future of a home, husband and whatever else may come. Life is much simpler. When disease begins to ravage her small community, she sets out with her adoptive mother to find a desalinization plant. Their journey from Ohio to California is full of new dangers and is still filled with hope and determination to get to somewhere safe.

I had the opportunity to meet Mindy McGinnis recently because Provo City Library has amazing events. I loved the first book, Not a Drop to Drink, and recommend it to everyone. Even people that haven't asked for a book recommendation. McGinnis has created another page turning adventure with her second book. The best part is, the story line is realistic enough to think about what you would do to find water, shelter, food, and help. The need for simple supplies to survive creates tense interactions. If you like end of the world or survival books, you would definitely like this one.


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