Thursday, October 16, 2014


By Brenna  Yovanoff
Razorbill, 2014. 352 pgs. Young adult.

Clementine was only a child when strange and sometimes dangerous things started happening in New South Bend. When her people (called the fiendish) were blamed for the new troubles, their houses were burned to the ground to kill or run off who they could. Somehow, Clementine survived with magic and she was walled in a cellar for ten years. Of course a cute boy saves her, and Fisher takes her to her aunt. The aunt doesn't remember her, the cousin does, and then starts the real trouble of the history of the fiendish, the magic in New South Bend, and the creepy and crazy creatures down in a place called the Hollow.

The concept was interesting, but I felt like there was too much in this book. It seemed like Clementine adapted so quickly and no one questioned that she was trapped by roots in a cellar. There was a lot of jumping around with evil witches and weird happenings and I never really felt like I was understanding what was happening. I really like the idea but the pacing was just off for me. The creepy level and icky factor were awesome though.


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