Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Honeymoon Hotel

Honeymoon Hotel
By Hester Browne
Gallery Books, 2014. 452 pages. Fiction.

Rosie McDonald is not a wedding planner - she's an events planner for an historic hotel in central London - but weddings are her specialty. She's never met a bride she couldn't manage into the wedding of her dreams. Until the hotel owner's son, Joe, comes back to London to learn the ropes of hotel management. His laid-back, free-spirited approach to events management clashes brutally with Rosie's clipboard-driven focus and brings all sorts of chaos to Rosie's previously flawless events. Will Rosie be able to let go of her checklists and find joy in the imperfections of life?

I always enjoy Hester Browne's books because she creates such realistic characters - people you want to meet up with at a cafe or go out to dinner with. Sure, there's nothing novel about the plot, but how many things happen to you that are novel or exciting? Browne is adept at taking the every day and helping the reader to see the personal beauty in an individual journey. The writing is light and witty and a pleasure to read. I rank this book as a mostly clean read - there are a few instances of heavy cursing, but nothing else.


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