Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter
By Elizabeth Little
Viking, 2014. 384 pgs. Fiction.

This was another Gone Girl like, unreliable narrator that I had to try. Janie Jenkins is a former high society celebrity that likes to make a name for herself in not so positive ways. At the height of her fame she is arrested for the murder of her mother. When she is released ten years later on a technicality, she hides her true self and runs to her mother's hometown because Janie swears the killer can be found there. She uncovers her mother's past by talking to local townspeople and through clues left by her mom. Janie uncovers information about her past during her private investigating.

Through some twists and turns, Little has created a mystery worth reading. I was left thinking about whether the daughter actually murdered her mom or not. The characters were not likable in a good way since I couldn't trust anyone or believe their stories. The story was original enough to be exciting and Janie was a great, pushy protagonist.


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