Thursday, October 9, 2014


By Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K McElderry Books 2014. 560 pgs. Fiction.

 Matthew Turner has had a horrible year. After his younger brother is bullied after he questions his like or dislike for girls, he commits suicide. Matthew is dropped by the friends that bullied, his family is falling apart, and he misses his brother. While trying to handle all this and still be "normal" his girlfriend of over a year starts to pull away, and the after effects of multiple events, just break Matthew completely. His dad and his mom also are strong characters in this book as they deal with a son's death and the writing is truly so honest and raw that I could not put the book down. The book handles more than just the upsetting topics as it also touches on forgiveness and accepting yourself in a way that makes the entire book worth the heartache.

Ellen Hopkins has created an amazing, lyrical book that touches on multiple sensitive subjects. This book is about teens, but due to content has been placed in the fiction section at the Provo City Library.  I think adults an mature teens that have struggles with suicide in the family, general self loathing, or loss may find this book realistic, hopeful, and touching. There is language and some sexual content but the book takes a look at religion, bullying, and struggles of being a teen in a sensitive way. This book was a very fast read and the story has been on my mind for over a month because it was a wonderful, emotional read.


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