Monday, November 30, 2009

Heat Wave

Heat Wave
By Richard Castle
Hyperion, 2009. 198 pgs. Mystery

NYPD Homicide Detective Nicki Heat was been assigned too many grisly crimes and difficult assignments but none have tried her ability to follow orders as has her Chief’s request to allow journalist Jamison Rook tag along on her investigations. Her most recent case involves the murder of a real estate mogul which becomes more personal when Heat’s own safety is in question. Dealing with Rook quickly becomes the least of her worries.

This book is written for fans of the TV series Castle which is now in its second season. The book’s actual author is unknown but the cover lists Richard Castle, the main character on the TV show, as the writer and includes a recommendation from James Patterson who has guest starred in several episodes. If you like the show, you’ll enjoy this quick mystery alluding to some of your favorite characters.


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