Monday, November 30, 2009

The Yankee Years

The Yankee Years
By Joe Torre and Tom Verducci
Doubleday, 2009. 502 pgs. Non-fiction

Joe Torre had just been fired from his third job and wasn't sure he'd ever manage again when he was offered the job managing the New York Yankees. Although he was their fourth choice, he turned out to be a good one, managing the team for twelve years and leading them to four World Series titles.

In this book, readers get an inside view into Torre himself and his managing views, but also get to look at Yankees players and the dynamics of baseball. The book touches on the issues of steroids, free agent signings and trades made by the Yankee higher-ups, money issues, and more. Although it would be tempting for an ousted manager to resort to mudslinging, Torre and Verducci have written a book that is insightful, candid, and classy.


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