Friday, September 11, 2009

Nights of Rain and Stars

Maeve Binchy
Dutton. 2004. 294 p. Fiction

Set on a quaint Greek island, this novel begins with a boat tragedy that forever changes the lives of all who were there, tourists and residents alike. This book is rich in character development focusing on; Andreas the elderly tavern owner who had a falling out with his only son; Elsa the striking German TV reporter who gave up everything to sort out her life; David, the only son of an English family who does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps; Fiona, the young girl from Ireland who left her family and nursing job to follow her “love?”; Thomas the Californian on sabbatical and escaping his recent divorce; and Vonni the Irish transplant who has lived with her numerous secrets for over 30 years in the small Greek village. As the days go by, their lives collectively intertwine. Each needs much. Each has much to give. Sounds complicated but really this is a clean easy read for anyone who just wants a story to enjoy. The unabridged, 8 disc, 9.5 hour BBC Audio version is read by Terry Donnelly who does a delightful job of keeping all the characters charming and personable.


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