Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bar code Tattoo

The Barcode Tattoo
By Suzanne Weyn
Scholastic. 2004. 252 pgs. Young Adult

It's 2025, and the thing to do on your 17th birthday is to get a bar code tattoo, which is used for everything from driver's licenses to shopping. Kayla, almost 17, resists because she hates the idea of being labeled. Then the tattoos begin to drive people to commit suicide, Kayla's father among them, and she soon finds out that the markings contain detailed information about their bearers, including their genetic code. When the government, controlled by a corporation called Global-1, makes the tattoo mandatory, Kayla joins a teen resistance movement.

I thought that the premise of this book was really intriguing. However, I felt that the authors’ writing was a bit choppy. I liked the book ok, but can’t say that it is my favorite.


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