Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Live your Life for Half the Price

Lyle and Tracy Shamo
Deseret Book, 2009. 207 p. Nonfiction

Could you wear the same dress for an entire year? That’s 365 days…in a row. Now men might balk for obvious reasons, but not a single female I know would approve of this economy saving measure. However, one brave woman had the chutzpah and then blogged about her experience. And you know, most people didn’t even notice.

While the authors of this new personal finance guide aren’t advocating such extreme measures for everyone, they do relay the story. The Shamos divulge their secrets for what we all want to know--how to live on less. The book is chock full of all the best bits of monetary wisdom and how to get the most from your dollars. If your piggy bank has shrunk under the current economic crisis, you’ll want to flip through this collection of practical advice. Easy readability on an assortment of fiscal topics organized under useful chapter headings. Information ranges from 'family fun on a shoestring' and knowing your home mortgage and health insurance options to coping with job loss, etc. I learned that Wednesday is the best day to shop--less people, more sales. Let’s face it people; frugal is the new sexy.

My personal finance tip: Return your library books the day before they’re due and you’ll never have to worry about late fees again. Cha-Ching! It’s like money in your pocket.


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Shannon @ Ace Cash Express said...

Well it can be possible for you to just alter or even sew your own dresses? It'll also be fun, not to mention sharpen your sewing skills. I just wonder for those who know nothing about sewing...