Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Danger Trail: Knife Thrower's Journey West

Danger Trail: Knife Thrower’s Journey West
By Boyd Richardson
Covenant Communications, 1995. 199 pgs. Western

As a young boy Samuel Harold sees his Mormon parents killed by a mob in Missouri. He escapes the mob and is adopted by the Pawnees who name him Knife Thrower because of his skill with knives. When he returns to live with the white community he becomes known as Brigham Harold because of his allegiance to Brigham Young and the Mormons. Brigham Harold is a peace loving man but he has all the skills he needs to handle any enemy – and he has a few. When a beautiful girl named Erma refuses to marry a drunken settler in the town of Steady and falls in love with the Knife Thrower instead, the two of them find themselves tracked and harassed by ruffians looking to steal their gold and feuding brothers of the rejected suitor.

Alternating chapters from the viewpoints of Erma and Brigham Harold move this western adventure forward. In Manti, Utah, they make a home but, in classic western style, there will be no peace for the two of them until after a showdown with their enemies. SH

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