Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Geek Charming

Geek Charming
By Robin Palmer
Speak, 2009. 338 pgs. Young Adult

Dylan Schoenfield is the most popular girl at Castle Heights High--with the best clothes and the most popular boy in school as her boyfriend, her life is just how she wants it. However, when she ends up owing film geek Josh Rosen a favor, she has to let him film her and her A-crowd friends for a documentary. Although she's reluctant at first, she finds that Josh might not e as bad as she originally thought. And when her social status plummets, Josh is the friend who's there to help her out.

This story is told in chapters that alternate between Dylan and Josh, which is a relief because Dylan's initial spoiled self-centeredness is difficult to stomach. Her blossoming friendship with and the way both of them grow because of their interaction is done in a smooth way, rather than in an abrupt manner that would be difficult to believe. Also this isn't as good as Palmer's Cindy Ella, it's still a fun quick read that readers of Young Adult-chick lit will likely enjoy.


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