Monday, August 31, 2009

The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

Kay Lynn Mangum
Deseret Book, 2005. 334 p. Young Adult

Kathy’s brother is dead. But, he’s all anyone ever talks about and it infuriates her. Don’t they realize dead means gone? She was only two years old when he died and consequently doesn’t even remember him. However, any and all family occasions always end up in hours of reminiscing about how great Brett Colton was—which definitely leaves Kathy out. And the distance between her and the rest of her family only grows as Kathy enters high school.

But, on her sixteenth birthday Kathy's mother gives her a present which Brett left behind with specific instructions. Inside the chest she finds an old journal he wrote specifically for her before he died. Through the journal she meets her brother again--reawakening long forgotten memories--and begins to discover why everyone thought he was so special and why he was so interested in the Mormon church. Through Brett's perspective she starts to realize just how important her family truly is. Now all Kathy needs to do is convince them that Mormons aren’t bad people. Ironically, the super handsome football star she tutors is also Mormon and with his help maybe the Colton family can discard their prejudices and start loving again. A nice coming-of-age novel with a faith promoting conclusion.

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