Friday, August 21, 2009


By Shannon Guymon
Bonneville Books, 2007. 253 pgs. Romance

When hairstylist Sophie Reid goes to meet her missionary at the airport, only to find that he is engaged to someone else and didn't bother to tell her, she decides she needs some changes in her life. She starts with getting a new hairstyle and then tries to pump a little excitement into her life. While dealing with horrible relatives who scorn her for being beneath them, she finds happiness--and complications--when she meets Sam. He's handsome, successful, and seems interested in her, but he has a crazy ex-girlfriend determined to keep Sophie away from him at any cost.

As tends to happen in Shannon Guymon's novels, the resolutions to the conflict come a little too quickly and easily and the way that every single detail works out perfectly could be hard for some readers to stomach. However, it's a quick read that is light and happy and maybe will inspired readers to get a new hairstyle.


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