Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy
By Margaret George
Viking, 2006. 611 pgs. Historical Fiction

This book follows the life of Helen, born Helen of Sparta though known throughout history as Helen of Troy. Her legend is well known as the woman whose face launched a thousand ships and whose beauty caused the 20 year siege and eventual fall of Troy. George gracefully presents this epic story and the larger than life heroes that fought during the legendary battle including Achilles, Paris, Hector, and Menelaus.

Margaret George truly is a master of her art. The incredible amount of research necessary to present this sweeping story with such a detail alone is impressive. I was not that familiar with this legend, beyond the basics, and enjoyed watching the plot unfold. The novel is told in Helen’s voice and I did grow tired of her illogical passion for Paris and their constant justifications of their actions despite the fatal consequences. But, I would still recommend this book to historical fiction fans.


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