Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate
By Annette Curtis Klause
Delacorte Press, 1997. 264 pgs. Young Adult

Vivian is a teenage werewolf whose pack is out of control. Following the murder of a human by a member of their pack, they are burned out of their home, and Vivian's father, the pack leader, dies in the fire. The pack has to relocate, and they're divided over who will be the new leader. Feeling frustrated with the reckless behavior that many pack members seem to accept, as well as the fights among one another over who will be the leader, Vivian feels isolated and turns to Aiden, a human who she can't help falling in love with. He's interested in magic and the mysterious, and Vivian hopes she can reveal her true identity to him. Although the pack disapproves, she is sure she can be her true self with him, even more than she can be with the pack. Life gets extra complicated for Vivian when someone in the pack murders a human, risking their exposure.

Fast-paced and intense, the descriptions and the violence, while realistic to a werewolf group, may be too descriptive for some readers. However, this might be a title that Twilight fans enjoy. It's an interesting take on forbidden love and discovering your own identity.


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