Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parade of Shadows

Parade of Shadows
By Gloria Whelan
HarperCollins Publishers, 2007. 295 pgs. fiction

Adventurous, but na├»ve, Julia Hamilton embarks on a journey with her father through Istanbul, Damascus and other cities of the Levant. Her widowed father, Carlton Hamilton, traveling undercover for the British government is willing to have her come as a “cover” for his journey but also discovers how very much he needed this trip to strengthen his relationship to her. Julia’s sheltered life has ill-prepared her to fathom the motives of her companions, she is quick to trust but slow to see the consequences of her actions.

Set one hundred years ago in the Middle East, Whelan’s writing about the area is accurate and atmospheric. In spite of the intrigues surrounding the journey and the secret goals of the travelers, this book is not a fast-paced adventure. But Julia is headstrong and likeable and there is a touch of romance along with the intrigue which adds another layer of appeal to this teen historical fiction.

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