Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hunger: a Gone novel

Hunger: a Gone novel
By Michael Grant
HarperTeen, 2009. 590 pgs. Young adult fiction.

In this gripping sequel to Gone, food shortage in the FAYZ, or Fallout Alley Youth Zone, is becoming a problem that desperately needs solving. The children have now survived 3 months in the strange state that consists of no person older than 14, a 20 mile barrier, and strange mutations that are affecting both children and animals. Caine and his followers are still vying for complete dominance and a rift between "mutants" and "normals" has begun to form, increasing the stress and frightening violence. On top of everything, the mysterious, terrifying presence is calling people to its aid with irresistable force.

This follow-up to Gone is every bit as action-packed and interesting. The drama and danger are both increased with all the new issues that have cropped up. As in the first book, there is much violence and death in Hunger. As with the first, I whipped through this novel--it's a dark, inventive adventure.

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