Monday, August 26, 2019

The Lady in the Coppergate Tower

The Lady in the Coppergate Tower
By Nancy Campbell Allen
Shadow Mountain, 2019. 354 pgs. Romance

Hazel Hughes is a gifted healer who enjoys her time working with Dr. Sam MacInnes. She knows she is not his equal but is grateful for his friendship and the opportunity to spend time with him even though her heart wishes for more. Her life changes drastically when Dravor Pretescu, a Romanian count, finds her and tells her she is his niece and that she has a twin sister who is very sick and needs her help. Soon she is on her way to Romania. Sam doesn't trust the Count at all and refuses to let her go alone. The closer they get to Romania, the more sinister their trip becomes. Hazel starts to feel like she is going mad herself and is worried that they won't make it to her sister in time.

This fairty-tale retelling of Rapunzel was an entertaining mix of steampunk, horror, romance and mystery. This was the third book in Allen's steampunk series but each book could actually be read as a stand-alone. Hazel felt real and relatable and I liked how she and Sam were such good friends. The ending did seem a little rushed. After all of the build-up, I expected a little more and was surprised how quickly everything was resolved. I still recommend it for someone looking for a clean romance with a different twist.


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