Saturday, August 10, 2019

Curse Words (Vol. 1): The Devil's Devil

Curse Words (Vol. 1): The Devil's Devil
Author: Charles Soule, Artist: Ryan Browne
Image Comics, 2017, 152p, Graphic Novel/Fantasy

In Curse Words (Vol. 1): The Devil's Devil, the magically-powerful main character Wizord, and his knowledgeable sidekick Margaret (who starts as a rat and then later gets transformed into a koala) spend their time protecting people on Earth while also giving people their deepest desires, for a fee. Wizord's magical power shoots him to fame, which is good until his past comes back to kill him. It turns out that Wizord's master, and ultimately the source of his magic, sent Wizord across multiple dimensions to Earth with the task of destroying Earth. But when Wizord discovers that everyone on Earth (New York as the setting) is free, he switches sides in order to live free of his god-master Sizzajee. Throughout the story, Wizord will lose his powers, get them back again, and rekindle a strong love from his past, doing it all without losing a single hair from his magical beard.

For those who like Saga series by Brian Vaughn, but wish there were more magical fights, Curse Words is for you.


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