Saturday, August 31, 2019

How to Make a French Family 
by Samantha Verant 
Sourcebooks, 2017. 336 pgs. Biography 

After finding her life in shambles from a recent divorce and job loss, Samantha decides after twenty years to apologize to the Frenchman she fell in love with and left standing on a train platform never to hear from her again. That apology changed her deepest regret and gave her and her Frenchman a second chance at love. But after the wedding is over and Sam is living in rural France with her new husband and two step-children, the reality of her sacrifice begins to set in over the newlywed bliss. Sam writes about her struggle becoming an insta-mom, an ex-patriot, and a new wife in this charming and entertaining food memoir. 

Samantha and Jean Luc's love story sucked me in right away. Sam's humor and honesty kept me reading. I was fascinated by Sam's experience as an ex-patriot, but more so I was inspired by her determination to herself and devotion to her new family. I also loved all the recipes sprinkled throughout the book. Each dish is mentioned in the narrative and had some significance to the story. I even did a quick google search and found a few recent pictures of the happy couple. If you're looking for an amazing heart-warming story, this true account is for you!


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