Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Lady and the Highwayman

The Lady and the Highwayman
By Sarah M. Eden
Shadow Mountain, 2019. 344 pgs. Historical Romance

Elizabeth Black runs a girls school and brushes shoulders with the upper class. She must be prim and proper in order to have support for her school. In addition, she is a "silver-fork" author which means she writes literature for the upper class. She also secretly writes Penny Dreadfuls, which are cheap, sensational stories that would ruin her reputation if anyone ever found out. Fletcher Walker is also a Penny Dreadful author. He came from the streets, but has risen up in society. He uses his money from his writing to help fund the Dread Penny Society, which is a secret group that helps other children escape the hard life of the London streets. When a new mysterious Penny Dreadful author emerges, Fletcher is determined to discover who this Mr. King is and enlists the help of Elizabeth. They both have their own secrets to hide but feel drawn to each other anyway.

This novel by Sarah Eden felt different from her other books but I still really enjoyed it. Elizabeth and Fletcher are amazing characters. I liked how they worked their own experiences into their Penny Dreadful novels. I also liked that these two different Penny Dreadful novels were woven throughout the chapters of the book. It was like getting three books in one, which I wasn't sure would work at first, but it did. I hope this is the beginning of a new series because I would love to spend more time with these characters.


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