Monday, August 5, 2019

Daisies and Devotion

Daisies and Devotion
By Josi S. Kilpack
Shadow Mountain, 2019. 289 pgs. Historical Romance

Timothy Mayfield has a desire to marry for love but he does not stand to inherit and realizes that he needs to find a wife with wealth. He may have found the perfect person in Maryann Morrington. She may not be the most beautiful girl he knows, but he enjoys talking with her, she is the sister-in-law to his friend, and has a fortune that will pass to her husband. Everything changes when Timothy visits his uncle and discovers that he will be given land and a home in London if he can make a marriage match that the uncle approves of. Timothy is no longer forced to find a wealthy wife and proceeds to make a list of the qualities he wants in his spouse like blonde hair and a tinkling laugh.

Maryann knows that anyone showing interest in her is, most likely, only interested in her money. She is also fully aware that there are younger, prettier girls out there. It still hurts when Timothy comes back from his uncles and barely pays any attention to her. One of the things she has always liked about Timothy is that he is very honest in his intentions. When he shares his list with Maryann, she is wounded to realize she doesn't have one quality on it. They soon make a bargain to help each other find the perfect match but things don't go as smoothly as they would like.

This is a sequel to Promises and Primroses but it could be read alone. I really enjoyed this book from the very beginning. I like that Maryann was strong and realistic in her view of life. She was willing to have hope but also showed her vulnerability by being hurt. Timothy didn't always do things in the best way, but he has a kind heart and is so positive about life. I loved watching the two interact and evolve throughout the book. This is a clean romance that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.


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