Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Secret of the India Orchid

The Secret of the India Orchid
By Nancy Campbell Allen
Shadow Mountain, 2017. 314 pgs. Historical Fiction, Romance

On the very day that Anthony Blake, Earl of Wilshire, plans to ask for permission to court Sophia Elliot he is forced to resume his role as an undercover spy for Britain when an important document is stolen that gives detailed information about British spies. To protect the ones he loves, he must cut all ties and assume the role of a flirtatious playboy. Sophia is heartbroken and confused and eventually decides to travel to India in hopes of finding healing. India does not bring the peace she was hoping for because she soon finds herself in the center of a mystery. There is a missing sea captain, a possible murder and some kind of plot involving the prince of India. To her surprise Anthony shows up at the British Residency, playing his part, but also asking a lot of questions.

This was a fascinating book. I loved learning more about the British experience in India during the Regency era. The mystery added a fun twist to the story. The romance between Anthony and Sophia was wonderful. They cared deeply for each other but had a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to share their love. This is part of the Proper Romance series and is perfect for someone looking for a clean romance with some added suspense.


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