Saturday, January 27, 2018

For Love or Honor

For Love or Honor
by Sarah M. Eden
Covenant Communications, 2017. 256 pgs. Historical Romance

Stanley Jonquil knew there was something special about Marjie the first time he met her. She was sweet and kind and was able to help him heal from an injury he received as a British soldier fighting against Napoleon. When Napoleon escaped, Stanley had to lead his men into the horrifying battle of Waterloo. His thoughts of Marjie and the letters she sent were the only thing that kept him going. The family doesn't hear from Stanley for months until he unexpectedly returns home. He has been severely wounded physically and has faced horrors that have wounded him emotionally. He is determined to keep his distance and not show anyone the darkness inside him, especially Marjie. Marjie doesn't give up easily and she is determined to help him heal so that hopefully they can find a way to be together.

This was a well written book that dealt with some heavy topics. Sarah Eden does not shy away from the horrors of war and how it impacted the soldiers and their loved ones. This is a continuation of the Jonquil family books so a lot of favorite characters make an appearance and there are some great new characters too, like Pluck. He was so funny! This is a good mixture of  serious issues and humor and there is really nothing not to like in this book.


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