Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Arrows of the Queen

Arrows of the Queen 
by Mercedes Lackey
DAW Books, 1987. 320 pgs. Fantasy

Talia has always dreamed of becoming a herald for the Queen, one day her wish comes true when the companion Rolan finds her; after she ran away from her village at the age of 13 when she did not want to marry or join the convent. Follow Talia as she strives to complete her Heralds training in spite of impossible odds.

 This book was so much fun to read I finished it in a day and promptly checked out the next two books in the series and I can't wait to finish them. Talia is an engaging heroine to read her views and perspectives. I LOVED her scenes in the book when she was dealing with the brat, the royal princess. It made me laugh so much. I enjoyed reading about her learning to trust the various members of the heralds and it was fantastic that the author made it a process instead of something the characters took for granted.


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