Friday, January 26, 2018


By Leah Moore
Dynamite Entertainment, 2017. 144 pgs. Graphic Novel

The princesses of classic fairy tales band together to save their kingdoms from war! Rapa, a redheaded girl with a fiery spirit and lost memories, discovers a conspiracy that threatens the peace among all the mythical creatures of the land. Joined by the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince, and Red Riding Hood, Rapa journeys through fabled forests and legendary realms on a quest to find who stole her identity and foil their scheme!

This graphic novel reads a lot like how I would picture a Once Upon a Time book reading. The princesses are strong, independent women who take an active role in defeating their enemies and the book itself is a really interesting combination of stories and fairy tales. There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot and the story is definitely not Disney, so don't expect everyone to have a happy ending. Overall, Damsels is a good addition to the re-thought fairy tale genre, and a lot of fun to read.

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