Friday, June 30, 2017

Zahra’s Paradise

Zahra’s Paradis
By Amir & Khalil
First Second, 2011. 255 pgs. Graphic Novel

During the street protests after the 2009 elections in Iran, a young man, Mehdi, disappears. His mother and brother, a blogger and the book’s narrator, search for him everywhere, but there’s no trace of him. He’s not at the morgue, the hospital, and the prison claims to have no records of him. Mehdi’s family fight to find him against the cruel and corrupt regime, but soon their poking around attracts the worst kind of attention.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up this graphic novel, but I found it very moving, and also very unsettling. I know very little about the 2009 Iranian elections, but this provided me a small glimpse of the aftermath and what it looked like for regular families. I really appreciated that it shows a side of Iran that is often overshadowed or ignored in the media. For someone hoping to broaden their horizons and understand a little better what the people of Iran have experienced, this is an easy recommendation. However, be aware that this is definitely for a mature audience.


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