Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shifting Shadows

Shifting Shadows 
By Patricia Briggs
Ace Books, 2014. 450 pages, Science Fiction

This is a fun collection of short stories from the Mercy Thompson World. In this collection there are stories giving greater insight into characters like Sam, David, and Ben. Each story works to build the Mercy Thompson world with a little more insight to some of the characters that we know and love, as well as some of the characters that were only mentioned in passing.

I really enjoyed the majority of the short stories in this book. The first one was a little long and hard to get through but the rest of them are absolutely compelling and so much fun to read and enjoy. My personal favorite was Ben’s story “Redemption “ .Ben has been one of my favorite characters since book three in the Mercy Thompson series. Ben has learned from life experience that the only person he can depend on is himself, and his main focus has always been looking out for number one. I love the insight and growth in this one it really made me smile at who Ben grew to be while still being himself.


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ER said...

All of these stories were really good, but Silver and Roses in Winter were my favorite. Bran is one of my favorite characters and I loved getting some of his backstory, even if Silver is more focused on Samuel than Bran. Roses in Winter is the story of a character only mentioned in one of the Mercy books, a girl named Kara who survived a werewolf attack at the age of eleven. In Blood Bound, the girl’s father finds Mercy and asks for help. She sends him to Bran, and is never mentioned again. It was a loose end and that bothered me, but Roses in Winter tied it up nicely.