Friday, June 30, 2017

Dead Letters

Dead Letters
By Caite Dolan-Leach
Random House, 2017, 332 pgs. Fiction

After an estrangement of several years, Ava Antipova must return home from graduate school in Paris when she learns that her twin sister Zelda has been killed in a tragic fire.  The problem is, Ava knows her sister too well.  Zelda's death is too perfect and Ava struggles to believe she is actually gone.  Then when she starts receiving email messages from beyond the grave Ava is determined to figure out what her sister is up to and find her before this extreme prank goes too far.

I enjoyed this novel far more than I had expected to.  The Antipova family were a bit hilarious,  alarmingly dysfunctional, and fun to get to know.  The mystery kept me guessing and while the ending wasn't completely unexpected it was completely satisfactory.  Finding hidden gems in our fiction collection is always a treat and I'm glad I ran out of things to listen to and tried something a little different.


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