Thursday, June 8, 2017

Saints at Devil's Gate

By Laura Allred Hurtado & Byron C. Andreasen
The Church Historian’s Press, 2016. 143  pgs. Nonfiction

In this lovely book about the LDS Church History Library exhibit "Saints at Devil's Gate," beautiful landscape paintings of sites along the Mormon Trail are accompanied by quotes from pioneers who wrote in their journals about the scenery. Placed alongside the landscapes are historical notes, curator's insights and comments by the artists, John Burton, Josh Clare and Bryan Mark Taylor. More than fifty paintings are included in the book, of which only a fraction can be viewed in the online exhibit.  While not an overly large book, the landscapes are still reproduced at three or four times the size they can be seen online.  The book format is ideal for really spending time with the artwork and commentary. Viewing the sensitively rendered paintings and reading the pioneers’ words is a haunting and inspirational experience.   This is a wonderful book to spend time with on a Sunday afternoon.

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