Friday, June 30, 2017

Chickens in the Headlights: a novel

Chickens in the Headlights: a novel
by Matthew Buckley
Covenant Communications, 2005, 206 pgs. Fiction

Summer vacation has just begun for the Buckley family and all seven boys, under the age of eleven, are ready for summer adventure! They have begged their parents for farm animals ever since they moved to the country in Utah, and this year their dreams are realized. They will be getting chickens and goats! But before the real excitement can begin, they have to travel to visit grandma in California. Seven boys in one giant van with barely functioning air controls for 15 hours makes for a chaotic road trip that nearly drives dad crazy. Once they return home they finally get their farm animals, however taking care of chickens and goats is more difficult than the boys imagined. Told from the perspective of the second oldest brother Matthew, this book has crazy family home evenings, an unfortunate incident with warm powdered milk, an executive order to save the last zucchini plant, and a fight with the school bullies, and it will keep you laughing from start to finish! 

This book is hilarious, and I absolutely love it! I have read it multiple times and it has me laughing hard every time. The brothers get into all sorts of shenanigans and I love how the writing style shows the logic of an eight year old. I also highly recommend the audio version because the narration is excellent. This is a clean read that the whole family can enjoy.  This book has a sequel, Bullies in the Headlights.


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