Monday, November 14, 2016

Wild Card

Wild Card
by Jim Butcher
Dynamite Entertainment, October 2016. 144 pages. Graphic novel. Fantasy. 

Set in between Dresden Files novels White Night and Small Favor, Wild Card offers a look into the treacherous undercurrent of supernatural Chicago. Dresden, wizard, private eye, and mentor, races to stop a gang war and find the supernatural menace behind the killings that provoked it. Along the way, the reader gets a rare bit of narration by Murphy and Molly. 

Wild Card does a good job of showcasing the various factions Dresden faces off with, from Marcone, the Baron of Chicago, to Lara, the de facto leader of the White Court of vampires. It doesn't especially add to the overall plot line of the series, and the relationships between Dresden and his antagonists are generic, rather than an organic growth from previous material. The artwork is fantastic, however, and Murphy's fight with Puck was easily my favorite part, showing of both the skill of the artist and general epicness of team Dresden's token muggle.  While Wild Card wasn't my favorite addition to the Dresden Files, it was a fun read. The lack of intricate back story actually makes it better for an introduction to the series in graphic novel form; most of Harry's rogues gallery makes an appearance, but none of the overarching plot line is spoiled. If you're like me and eager for Peace Talks to come out, Wild Card is a good diversion to hold you over. 


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