Monday, November 21, 2016

What Light

What Light
By Jay Asher
Razorbill, 2016. 250 pgs. Young Adult

Sierra has lived on a Christmas tree farm her entire life. She spends the majority of the year in Oregon with her best friends Rachel and Elizabeth. Sierra loves the family business and idyllic setting of her home. Every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas though, she and her family live in a camper in California running their Christmas tree lot. Sierra has Heather and many other friends in California and can't imagine spending Christmas anywhere else.

This year starts as any other in California, except for Sierra's fear that this may be the last year they sell at their Christmas tree lot. Her parents haven't said anything for sure, but Sierra has overheard a few tense conversations indicating that the business isn't doing very well. Sierra also meets Caleb, a local boy, and with that new friendship comes quite a few secrets and intense feelings.

I enjoyed this book and even though it had some tense moments, it had the same charm of a holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel. I learned a lot about the inner workings of a Christmas tree farm. While there were some aspects of this book that I thought were overdramatic, overall I liked this holiday read!


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