Monday, November 28, 2016

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells
By Sarah M. Eden
Shadow Mountain, 2016. 322 pgs. Romance, Historical Fiction

Paisley Bell has been acting as the temporary sheriff of the quiet town of Savage Wells, and been doing a great job of it, even though some doubt her ability because she is a woman. When the town council decides to hold tryouts to find a permanent replacement, her fiercest competition comes from the famous lawman Cade O'Brien. He has his own reasons for wanting to settle in the sleepy town and he is pleasantly surprised when Paisley can actually hold her own. Their quick banter turns into  mutual respect, but they both know that Savage Wells just isn't big enough for two sheriffs.

This is probably my favorite of all the Proper Romance books that have been published recently by Shadow Mountain. Paisley and Cade share a great chemistry and I loved all the quirky side characters. Sarah Eden is a great author and I have liked everything she has done, but in my opinion, this is her best. I really loved this book!


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