Monday, November 28, 2016

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
By John M. Gottman
Harmony Books, 2015. 295 pgs.

John Gottman is an expert on marriage. He has forever altered the way marriages are studies by deciding to apply scientific procedures to his observations. He has also followed marriages for years to see what happens to them. This book puts together the seven principles he has observed that can guide couples to long lasting relationships. It is full of practical questionnaires and exercises to do alone and as couples to discover the underlying reasons behind many common arguments.

This is one of those books that I probably need to read and re-read. There is a lot of information packed into a fairly small book. I listened to this on audio and I think I'm actually going to read the book format next time. The audio version doesn't work as well for the questionnaires and exercises. This is a great book for anyone looking to strengthen an already good relationship or rescue one that is struggling.


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