Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Simply Anna: A Regency Romance

Simply Anna: A Regency Romance
By Jennifer Moore
Covenant Communications, 2015. 209 pgs. Romance

Philip has a broken heart and welcomes the chance to take over his father's Jamaican sugar plantation. He hopes that if he throws himself into the work he will be able to avoid further heartbreak. His plan is working until he discovers a bruised and battered woman washed up on the shore of his property. When she regains consciousness she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. The only clue they have is a necklace she was wearing inscribed with the name Anna. As they grow closer over the coming weeks they face many challenges together as they witness the cruelty of slavery, attacks by renegades and a swashbuckling fight with a band of pirates. They live with the uncertainty of wondering when Anna's memory will come back and what will happen when it does.

I enjoyed this different take on a Regency romance. The Jamaican setting gave it a unique feel. There wasn't all the formality of being set in Europe and it gave the characters more opportunities to interact. I also appreciated the way the author handled the reality of slavery. There was just enough detail to make you realize the atrocities but not so much that it made the book impossible to read.


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