Thursday, March 31, 2016


By Mike Carey
DC Comics, 2007. 148 pgs. Graphic Novel

Dixie, a Korean-American teenager in LA, loves Hapkido and is looking forward to participating in the National Championship, but her feelings for Adam, a classmate and fellow fighter, throw off her groove. Her ability to fight is faltering, and a bad decision makes her participation in the National Championship uncertain. Dixie must come to terms with her feelings before she can progress, and thankfully she has many people cheering her on.

 I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel. Anyone who’s been a teenager will be able to understand Dixie’s feelings, and remember how what seemed like a good idea in one moment, turned out to be a bad idea the next. The reader can easily see these mistakes coming, while Dixie is temporarily blinded by her feelings. If anything, her relatability and wit make me wish this book was longer because Dixie is such an enjoyable protagonist. This is an easy book to recommend to nearly anyone, though I think teens may appreciate it most. It was published in 2007 so some of the references may be a little dated, but shouldn’t detract from the main story.


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