Monday, March 14, 2016

A School for Brides

A School for Brides
By Patrice Kindl Viking, 2015. 251 pgs. Young Adult

A School for Brides is the loosely connected sequel to Kindl’s Regency era novel, Keeping the Castle. Both take place in the tiny Yorkshire town of Lesser Hoo, but Brides has a new set of quirky, fun characters. The Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy teaches young ladies in the finer arts of how to make a good marital match. The only problem is there are no eligible bachelors in that remote part of England. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, a young man traveling through the area manages to break his leg forcing him to convalesce at the school. When his friends learn what has happened and where he is staying, they are most intent on visiting to make sure he is doing well.

While the first book is more an homage to Jane Austen, you’ll find this book to have far more tongue-in-cheek humor in which contains some laugh out loud moments including pretty much every scene with Wolfie, the giant fearsome dog who looks terrifying but just wants to love people.


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