Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Twice in a Lifetime

Twice in a Lifetime
By Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing, 2015. 372 pgs. Romance

Clara Sinclair's husband was killed in WWII. Her world shattered that day but she eventually learned to live with the pain and move forward. She has made a life for herself in Sunset, Missiouri but now she is faced with a rebellious teenage son and a mother in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. When her truck breaks down, it is the last straw and all she can do is sob. Drake McCoy is a drag racer who is just passing through town looking for his next easy win. When he sees Clara sobbing in her truck, he offers to help. He is drawn to Clara's kindness and beauty and discovers that he might not be in such a hurry to leave this town. Neither of them realize that they both have enemies closing in fast that might end their romance before it has even begun.

This is the first Dorothy Garlock book I've read. I enjoyed the description of the small town and that it examined what happened to a widow after the war was over. The beginning of the novel was fairly slow paced but the adventure toward the end kept me flying through the pages. There is some language and sexual content that may not be appropriate for every reader.


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