Friday, October 30, 2015

Paris Architect

Paris Architect
By Charles Belfoure
Sourcebooks Landmark. 374 pgs. Fiction

Lucien Bernard is a talented but self-absorbed architect in Nazi occupied Paris.  A commission from a wealthy Parisian to design a factory for the Germans offers him financial security but hinges on his willingness to design a hiding place for a wealthy Jewish man. Valuing his professional success more than he fears danger, Lucien accepts the challenge and eventually designs ingenious hiding places for several Jews the Nazis are hunting. As Lucien is drawn further and further into danger he is finally forced to reevaluate his life and decide what is most important to him, his career and his mistress or resistance to the Nazis. Be prepared for a few fairly explicit sex scenes – after all the setting is wartime Paris and some of the characters are more interested in daily pleasure and survival than in moral standards. SH

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