Thursday, October 29, 2015

Einstein's Trunk

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Einstein’s Trunk
By Jim Haberkorn
Bonneville Books, 2011, 234 pages, Suspense Fiction

The Russians have learned that Einstein has left a trunk full of formulas for making a nuclear bomb that is sixty times more powerful than anything that exists today. Einstein's great-granddaughter Yohaba, a brilliant physicist in her own right, and an ex-spy, Rulon Hurt, are the only ones who can stop them from stealing it.

Part James Bond and part DaVinci Code, Haberkorn’s debut novel is a fast-paced thrill ride. Rulon Hurt is different from your average spy. His training as a secret agent is enhanced by experiences growing up in rural Idaho farming, bull riding and competing in the hammer throw on his high school track team. With a completely different background from Rulon’s, Yohaba’s sharp intellect makes the two a formidable duo.

Bonneville Books is one publisher that usually gets a “Clean Reads” label, but suspense thrillers don’t lend themselves to being violence-free. While Rulon Hurt doesn’t permit himself a license to kill, he definitely has a license to maim.


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